BLUE FLAG ROOT CHIPS (small package)
BLUE FLAG ROOT CHIPS (small package)

BLUE FLAG ROOT CHIPS (small package)

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Used in money-drawing magic spells, for prosperity, and to bring wealth.
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BLUE FLAG, also called WATER FLAG and SNAKE LILY, is a good ingredient in any sort of money-drawing formula or spell. For Prosperity, mix powdered BLUE FLAG root with Money Drawing Incense Powder and burn it every Friday to bring in money. You can also keep a whole dried root in your cash box or carry a piece of the root in a green flannel bag, so your money will never run out. Do not eat or drink BLUE FLAG; it is a powerful emetic. Like Queen Elizabeth Root and Jezebel Root, BLUE FLAG is a member of the Iris family. Despite the names BLUE FLAG and WATER FLAG, it is not related to Sweet Flag (Calamus), nor, despite the name SNAKE LILY, is it any kind of Lily. We make no claims for BLUE FLAG, and sell as a Curio only.

Not for internal use

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