Coventry Creations Candles

  • Affirmaton Candles Affirmaton Candles
    The Affirmations candles are the helpers along the path to give you the boost you need to create these core changes. Discover and embrace the success of the Affirmation line in body, mind and spirit. Your thoughts are the first step to creating the life you desire; the Affirmation candles are the next step.
  • Blessed Herbal Candles Blessed Herbal Candles
    The Blessed Herbal candles work through your intent as it is combined with the vibration created by the candles herbs, oils, colors and blessing. When you set your intent and vision for your life, the candle holds that wish while you work through and clear the things that were holding you back from the ideal you seek.
  • Blessed Herbal Blessing Kits Blessed Herbal Blessing Kits
    Each combination of Power Votives address the bursts of energy we need to create the life we desire. Getting right to the point, these hand-poured triads fine tune the energies with a powerful accuracy.
  • Chakra Magic Candles Chakra Magic Candles
    Chakra is the Sanskrit name of the little power center that pull in and distribute the mana (energy/light) from heaven (the source of energy/light). Each chakra supports functions of the body, mind and emotions. We have seven major chakras and they are located along the spine with one more in our head and another on top of our head. Their names are, starting from the top, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Our Chakra Magic candle line was created to help you open and clear your chakras and bring balance to the entire system. Doing this brings you health on all levels of your life. Pick a candle, and and have it burining during a meditation about that chakra.
  • Moon Magic Moon Magic
    Using the DDM candles brings your energy into gentle alignment with the properties requested through the candles. They connect one with the lunar quest for wisdom and fill your life with the magic and mysticism of our mother moon. Drawing Down the Moon candles are designed to be used at any time of the lunar cycle to meet your needs as they arise.
  • Motor City Hoodoo Candles Motor City Hoodoo Candles
    Hoo Doo is a very practical and root based magic that digs deep into our own core self. The results are fast, profound and healing.
  • Power Votives Power Votives
    Such power in a small package!
  • Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Candles Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Candles
    Dorothy Morrison's line of Wicket Witch candles by Coventy Creations. Sometimes you need a little Wicked to spark your Mojo.
  • Witch's Brew Candles Witch's Brew Candles
    The gorgeous scent of the Witch's Brew have to be experienced at least once in your life. Made with exotic magical oils such as dragon’s blood, mugwort, frankincense and myrrh, these candles help focus and intensify your magic. Each pillar is labeled with inspiring words in an empowering spell. Don't worry, we leave lots of room for your own crafting touch.