December 21, 2020 – December 27, 2020.

Happy Holidays! This week the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and joins Mercury and Pluto in the sign of the sea-goat. Capricorn season is the time of the year to get your New Years’ goals in order and create a plan to make them happen. 

During the middle of the week, Mars forms a nasty square to Pluto. Expect power plays and aggressive behavior. It’s best to walk away from any conflict that occurs because Mars square Pluto can take things to a level you don’t want to venture into. Avoid seedy places! This weekend, the Sun and Mercury trine Uranus. Shake things and explore beyond your comfort zone. New ideas and activities lead to long-term inspiration. The best candles for the week are Blessed Herbal Stability, Affirmation Guardian Protector.