Fascination Incense Sticks  (approx 20 sticks)
Fascination Incense Sticks (approx 20 sticks)

Fascination Incense Sticks (approx 20 sticks)

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To fascinate..to capture the interest of..to attract irresistibly ..so says the modern dictionary. But further back in time a fascination was a magical spell, a term used to refer to a look attributed to witches and serpents that would render it's target totally unable to resist..or even to move.

This is a love drawing scent, a compelling scent, a commanding scent..it certainly isn't a fragrance of vague hopes and wishes, or one that might abide by any rede. In order to win the attentions of another person, one must, by necessity, influence their will.

In this scent there are all manner of peculiar herbs, none of which are that fragrant or exotic and most of which are not that glamorous, and that is because this fragrance employs the assistance of the traditional herbs of the old craft, those that have been associated with love for generations. From the finding of the beloved one, the winning of the attention..and the having and holding, it's all in this fragrance.

A very old family recipe - I am proud to be able to share it with all of you!

Meadowsweet, lady's mantle, sweet woodruff, vervain, orris root, yarrow, sorcerer's violet, mandrake..and of course, the epitomy of romantic flowers..the wild rose. It also contains wild honeysuckle..so you might hold onto what you have.

Each stick burns for about an hour.

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