The Full Moon is in Cancer on December 29th. Cancer Full Moon’s are great for resolving family issues, strengthening family bonds, making changes to your house and home, and even doing a little cooking magic. This month’s candle ritual is all about creating a healing community or healing the community you live in.

Your intention will be around finding a way to be of service that not only feeds your soul, it feeds the souls of all the people around you, your community.

Full Moon Candle Ritual - Community Healing Candle Ritual

You will need the follow ingredients:

Blessed Herbal Happy Home candle or votive
Blessed Herbal Heart candle or votive
Affirmation Tranquility candle.

Step 1. Start on the first day of the Full Moon, December 29th. Begin by creating your sacred space. You have made sure all things that could distract you have been taken care of and you are ready to make some magic happen.

Step 2. Remove the packaging from all the candles and place them in candle holders. Imagine you are in a golden bubble of protective light and you are mentally and emotionally fully present and neutral.

Step 3. Light the Heart candle. Let the glow of the flame represent your own heart. Feel the warmth of your awakening heart inside you. Ask that your heart be blessed with peace, love, and gratitude. When something comes up that lets you know you are not completely peaceful, offer it up to the flame to be dissolved. If you need to forgive yourself or someone else, do so now. If you find it’s very difficult to do that, place the person or situation on the altar of God. Ask God to do the forgiving for you. Soon you will return to peace and be ready to light the next candle.

Step 4. Light the Happy Home candle. As you watch the flame flicker, imagine that its transformational flame is consuming all the negative energy lingering in your home. Imagine it’s eating it all up like Pacman. Not one corner is left untouched. Then imagine the hungry Pacman moves past your home and goes to work on your property or the rest of the apartment complex you live in. Next, imagine the hungry flame is transmuting the negative energy on your street, then your neighborhood and finally consuming all the hurt feelings, anger, and anxiety in your whole community. Now imagine that people in neighboring communities are doing the same thing you are and the edges of their light touch the edges of yours. Soon you don’t see any darkened corners anywhere. You have just healed yourself and healed your community!

Step 5. Extinguish the two candles after an hour. Repeat this candle ritual for the three days of the Full Moon. To keep the peace until the next full moon, light the Affirmation Tranquility candle for a little while each day. Remember to never leave a burning candle unattended. After the third day, be open to inspiration and opportunities that allow you to serve your family and community in a meaningful way.