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Attracts men with money; also used in the famous curse of Jezebel against enemies.
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JEZEBEL ROOT is used in a curse and also by prostitutes to attract customers. To Draw Trade, dress and oil a JEZEBEL ROOT with Follow Me Boy Oil and your own Sexual Fluids every day for 7 days, then keep it in your purse to bring you submissive clients who give generous tips. To work the Curse of Jezebel, hold a JEZEBEL ROOT in your left hand for 2 hours, or while you burn a black candle on the enemy's name, or from sunrise to sunset. Remain completely silent and think of your enemy the whole time. When the time is up, place the root in a jar of your own Urine and put the lid on. Speak aloud your curse, naming the enemy, then carry the jar to a river or to the ocean, throw it in using your left hand, turn, walk away, and don't look back. We make no claims for JEZEBEL ROOT, and sell as a Curio only.

Not for internal use

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