June 15, 2020 – June 21, 2020. The beginning of the week starts out with the Moon in energetic Aries and financial Taurus. If you absolutely must start something new before Mercury goes retrograde, Monday and Tuesday would be the time to do it. 
On Thursday, Mercury goes retrograde in watery Cancer. Focus will be on the home and family for the next three weeks. Repairing old family scores from the past will come to your attention.. Using your intuition will work better than logic when communicating with others.  Be extra mindful as household mishaps could happen. 
This weekend the Sun moves into watery Cancer and we have a solar eclipse in the sign of the crab. Ordinarily, the New Moon in Cancer on June 21 is a great time to begin new things. However, during a solar eclipse it is not recommended. This solar eclipse is extremely powerful and magical activities should be avoided until next week. Best use of this new moon is to connect with spirit through meditation.