Money Draw Hoodoo Candle
Money Draw Hoodoo Candle

Money Draw Hoodoo Candle

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Money Draw Hoo Doo Candle is a rich green candle with an woodsy scent. 2” x 4” pillar burns for 40 hours. Doesn’t it seem like everybody is working harder for less money? Does it feel like there is a hole in your pocket? Patch that pesky hole with our Money Draw candle. Label Message -

Magnetically attract the cash you need and desire. Go ahead, you deserve it and there is plenty to go around. With a safety pin, inscribe your name on the side of the candle and 9 dollar signs ($) around your name. Write your wishes on the back of this label and place it under the candleholder. Light your candle every day until done. Then, pin the paper with your wishes on the inside of your wallet.

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