There will be a solar eclipse in Sagittarius during the New Moon in the same sign on December 14th. Sagittarian eclipses are about long-distance travel, big picture ideas, and higher education. This is a great time to do travel spells, vision boards, and spiritual activities.
New Moon Candle Ritual - Vision for a Better Future
For our New Moon candle ritual, we would like you to join us in doing a big ‘ole vision for a better future. You will need:
Blessed Herbal Spiritual Cleansing candle or votive
2 candle holders
A picture of what you imagine a better future could look like. You can draw it, find a picture in a magazine, or use a picture from your past. If you can’t come up with just the right picture, you can write a description, write a poem or pick lyrics from a song to express your vision.  

Step 1. On December 14th, create your sacred space to work in, remove the packaging from the candles, and place them in the candle holders.

Step 2. Put your picture, description, poem, or lyrics between the two candles, with the Spiritual Cleansing candle to the right and the Problem Solving candle to the left. Light the Spiritual Cleansing candle first.

Step 3. Ask, petition, or pray that the future is filled with Divine light to uplift it and align it with the highest good for all. Ask that you are also filled with the white light so you are also uplifted and aligned with your own highest good. Affirm that you have faith and trust in the Divine to bring to you all that is beautiful and good. Stay with the moment for at least 5 minutes. Keep visualizing a better future for yourself and the world. 

Step 4. While the white candle is still burning, light the Problem Solving candle. Ask, petition, or pray for the inner strength, courage, intelligence, inspiration, and fortitude needed to participate in making the future better. Expand your ask to embrace your family, friends, neighbors, the community, the local and state policymakers, and all the way to the leaders of all the countries in the world. Ask that the light fills everyone's minds and hearts to join together to do what they can to help your vision for a brighter future become real. Allow your vision to join the visions of all those participating in this candle ritual. Let it all be the same vision, even though we all come from different points of view, we all have the same goal. A better future for all.

Step 5. Repeat this candle ritual on the 15th and 16th.