November 16, 2020 – November 22, 2020. 
The third week of November is the most challenging week of the month. Of course, this will be amplified by the Thanksgiving holiday prep. It’s often a source of anxiety for many and this year could be intensified if we’re not flexible with our plans. We start on Monday with Venus square Jupiter. Venus helps us feel good and she is at home in her own sign of  Libra. The good news is that Jupiter expands any planet it gets involved with so Jupiter is an extra helping of the good stuff but tries not to get too carried away or do things excessively. The trouble begins on Tuesday when Mercury opposes Uranus. You may find your mind in overdrive and anxious thoughts and feelings may easily surface. Take a pause and remember to be gentle in your speech.  We are all feeling sensitive these days. Midweek brings us a mixed bag of tricks with the Sun forming a sextile to Saturn, and Venus forming a  nasty square to the ringed planet. Keep things simplistic and methodical, focusing on essential tasks and duties. This is the best way to play the day because if you play footloose and fancy-free, feelings of self-doubt, rejection, and limitations may easily override anything you could possibly accomplish. This weekend we have two sign changes as Venus moves into emotionally intense Scorpio and the Sun moves into fiery Sagittarius. Relationships may be problematic over the next month, so you should focus on future potentials and possibilities.

Best Coventry candles to get you through the week are, Wicked Witch Everything and Then Some, Blessed Herbal Stability/Self-Esteem, Hoo Doo Van Van, Adam and Eve, and Road Opener