Reversing Hoodoo Candle
Reversing Hoodoo Candle

Reversing Hoodoo Candle

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Reversing Hoo Doo candle is a two tone orange/red and black candle with a dual scent of clearing peppermint and grounding sandalwood. 2" x 4" pillar burns for 40 hours. Get rid of all negative energy in your life by lighting the Reversing candle. It’s like holding up a giant mirror and deflect all the bad thoughts that are coming your way so you can enjoy a positive and happy life. Label Message -

Reversing turns the energy of evil intent back on its source. Can also be used to reverse your own intent, bad luck, bad day or chain of events that have caused negative events. If the perpetrator is known, inscribe his/her name on the candle. If the origination is unknown, inscribe “All harmful energy, thoughts, deeds and wishes return to their source!” Burn the candle down completely.

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