SAFFLOWER PETALS (small package)
SAFFLOWER PETALS (small package)

SAFFLOWER PETALS (small package)

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Burned as a love-drawing incense by gay men; mixed with Sampson Snake Root by gay men to draw a dominant lover.
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SAFFLOWER is a source of cooking oil and is additionally a famous dye-plant. A member of the Daisy or Composite Family, it also goes by the common names DYER’S SAFFRON and FALSE SAFFRON because it is used to make a yellow dye similar to the rare and costly true Saffron dye derived from a member of Crocus genus. The dried yellow-orange flowers of SAFFLOWER are burned on charcoal as an incense by gay men, who smoke themselves with the fumes before going out in search of sexual partners. Dried SAFFLOWER Flowers and Sampson Snake Root can be steeped together in SAFFLOWER oil and the oil rubbed on the back of the knees, thighs, and buttocks to attract a male lover. We make no claims for SAFFLOWER, and sell as a botanical Curio only.

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