SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT (small pagacke)
SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT (small pagacke)

SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT (small pagacke)

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A root of power and strength, especially for men; used in making Jack-balls and mojos.
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SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT, also called BLACK SAMPSON and PURPLE CONEFLOWER, enhances Male Nature, aids Love, and helps one win Respect. For curative purposes, drink it as tea or soak it in whiskey and sip a spoonful each day — or brew it with Wahoo Bark as a wash to bathe the genitals. A virility Mojo may contain SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT, John the Conqueror Root, and Bo' Hog Root dressed with Power Oil. A love-drawing Mojo is made with SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT, two Lodestones, Magnetic Sand, and your Lover’s Hair. For Job Success, carry SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT, Master Root, and Gravel Root in a bag dressed with Crown of Success Oil. Sprinkle the root in your shoe to gain respect. We make no claims for SAMPSON SNAKE ROOT, and sell as a Curio only.

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