SINGING BOWL: FOUR BUDDHAS w/ 7" Black Leather Striker

SINGING BOWL: FOUR BUDDHAS w/ 7" Black Leather Striker

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Size: 5.5"dia x 2.25"h

In accordance with ancient traditions, this singing bowl is made of a special seven metal alloy, with each metal representing a part of the astrological universe. Gold is for the Sun, Silver for the Moon, mercury for Mercury, Copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter and lead for Saturn. This alloy produces a powerful harmonic resonance when played. Being in this sonic bath is conducive to meditation, yoga, massage and other bodywork. Of course, it can also be used an impressive decorative item in any home. 

Each hand tuned bowl is made by fair trade artisans in Nepal and has a unique resonance. Featured here is the Buddha. Through concentrated meditation he attained enlightenment or Nirvana. His teachings of these realizations are known as the Dharma and concentrate on the alleviation of suffering inherent to the impermanence of life.Lightly tap the exterior rim or move the striker around the outer edge, firmly, slowly and with a stead even motion. The intensive energy that went into making the bowl is summoned forth. The vibration extends from the bowl into your body and soul, connecting you with the artisans and elements they wrestled with to create this fine work of art. Includes leather strike

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