June is crammed with cosmic activity, which the sign of Gemini might appreciate considering its normal frenetic energy. This month’s highlights are two potent eclipse’s and Mercury goes retrograde in watery cancer.

 Until the 21st, the sun is in Gemini, the sign of the twins and, psychologically speaking, twins represent duality and can indicate that two sides of the personality are at odds with one another.

Consider that during the June Gemini season we are facing “our dark side” and bringing both the ‘shadow and light’ sides of our personality together to help us live well-rounded and authentic lives.
The first eclipse is a Full Moon eclipse that occurs in Sagittarius and reflects our need to look at the big picture, and how we are going to maneuver through a “new normal” that is both uncertain and unknown. At times, we may experience some feelings of confusion, self-doubt, and disorientation because the eclipse squares Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. So, expect a learning curve with new regulations and new rules.

Candles for the Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse are Blessed Herbal Truth and Justice, Inner Balance, and Hoo Doo Van Van.

On June 18th, Mercury will go retrograde in watery Cancer. Its influence will manifest in your feeling center. Instead of relying on facts and logical thinking, your instincts will prove to be more reliable. Which doesn’t really make communication any clearer. While Mercury is in this sign, past family issues can come up to be revisited with an opportunity to do it constructively. Plus the usual Mrx warnings. Don’t forget to backup electronics and make final travel plans before the 18th. Absolutely avoid making firm decisions or sign documents during the retrograde cycle. You can expect problems with automobiles, electronic devices, and plans to fall apart without notice, so stay prepared.

The Sun shifts into Cancer season on June 20th and on the 21st, we have our second eclipse. A Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer will put an emphasis on what we do to feel safe and secure. Issues related to food, housing, and finances will be highlighted. Also, Pluto is going to influence this eclipse strongly and our “perception” of life will be about survival. We’ll feel compelled to kick to the curb non-essential items and behaviors that negatively impact survival. The effects of this eclipse will last over 6 months and we will all have to adjust to a new world and new way of living. (Cancer is about birthing).

Candles for the Cancer Solar Eclipse are Stability/Self-Esteem, Needed Changes, Emotional Balance, and Prosperity.