Triple Goddess Incense Sticks approx 20 sticks

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Triple Goddess incense by Bayou Witch
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The maiden, mother and crone represent the feminine cycles of wisdom and form the triple goddess. Every goddess through history has shown aspects or counterparts within this triad. 

We blended three powerful oils to create the Triple Goddess blend: 
~Orange is sacred to many maiden goddesses of love, as it dispels depression and brings a ray of sunshine to your day. 
~Vanilla is of the mother because it is a very sexual essence and holds the vibration of loving thoughts. It increases stamina and mental clarity. 
~Sandalwood is for the Crone; it is a scent of high vibration bringing access to the wisdom of all ages. Sandalwood increases magical powers and brings protection and inner peace.

Each stick burns for about an hour.

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